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Enjoy the feeling of being wealthy, rev up the engine and take the brakes off… then you are set on a path of financial enjoyment and freedom

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During my years as an investment manager of a Venture Capital Fund, I discovered the fact that, the people that were successful were ultimately successful because of their mindset. They had a WEALTHY MINDSET.

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This was even more clearly ingrained into my coaching practice as I trained and later became a wealth coach. Wealth comes in all forms, and not just the monetary kind. I mean wealth, prosperity, a flow of riches.

The world needs more people creating wealth, not for them or for me, but for everybody.

I wondered about mindset and found some recurrent invisible habits that were holding people back from attaining wealth. Could this be YOU?

Working with entrepreneurs seeking Venture Capital or being funded by VC funds their money problems hinged on their mindset. No matter how hard they tried to wish for money, if their MIND WAS SET TO LOSS (not getting the funds) they did not get them. But the moment they decided, yes, that they would get the funds, EUREKA! THE FUNDS CAME IN!

So simple? not really… that is why it takes a while…

Our Habits are invisible to us…

It is easier to look them up on OTHERS.

How does one explain this?

I was so fed up by the lack of results on people I cared for with great ideas and EVERY, I mean EVERYTHING going for them that I took time to research the mindset of winners and losers and how it governs our wealth or lack of it. BINGO, it is not only what you do but also what you need to STOP doing, what is holding you back without you realizing it.

After the researching the secrets behind the wealthy mindset I found out that it was MUCH MORE USEFUL to work on the 10 Unwealthy Habits. What a hit it has been. Financial planners, bankers, coaches, CEOs, home makers, who doesn’t want prosperity? Who doesn’t want to be wealthy?  I’m not talking about being rich but wealthy… enjoying your resources endlessly, selfishly and wisely.

The key is in what holds you back. Let go of the brake.

It all started when I wrote a manifesto at Changethis, which you can get for free here: http://changethis.com/manifesto/show/27.06.UnwealthyHabits

Years on, financial crisis rampant, 2nd edition going strong… it is all over… I saw it then and I see it often… Everything you do counts.

I just finished reading your “10 Unwealthy habits” and I am examining my habits currently! This writing inspired me in so many ways and I had to reach out to you in hopes of confirming the fact that your work is touching and teaching. Please continue to do what you are doing it is helping more than you may imagine. Wealth is now newly defined for me and I am sure it will keep evolving as I plan my journey through this life. I am grateful for you and your gift for giving. The simplicity is shocking, because we tend not to do inventory of our habits, when it is put so plainly we feel so inspired and empowered because it is matter-of-fact! Thanks!  So inspired and grateful,

- Alexis Hill

So what does that mean, simply this…

Wealth is a flow.

What moves you forward and what keeps you still are both important.

You can only go so far with the brakes on. Do you want to keep spinning your wheels? Do you know anybody who wants to move forward?


I have just read your book and found it very inspiring. As a “want-to-be” brazilian entrepreneur, your words revealed some truths I already knew, some I didn’t admit and others that I was not aware of. Thanks.

- Henrique S.G.Costa


Thanks my friend your book  10 Unwealthy Habits was really soul searching. I think everyone should read your book and take a good look at themselves. Enjoy and thanks again.

- Ricardo Sealy, US


Buenas noches Alicia, acabo de leer tu manifiesto 10 “Unwealthy Habits“, y aparte de reforzar algunos principios que trato de poner en practica me hizo observar otros que a veces uno descuida o no pone en practica. Saludos y muchos éxitos.

- Tony Rodrigues


A lot of what you say in your Unwealthy Habits manifesto resonates with my personal world view. I especially liked the part about “complainers”. Nicely done.

- Ray Podder


It’s a great reminder that how we think and deal with money on a mostly unconscious level effects our success with wealth. I would not have described myself as being greedy but Alicia’s description made me realize that by focusing on what was going out I had a general sense of fear about never having enough and thereby undervaluing myself as well as others. Unwealthy Habits is a fabulous tool!

- Alicia North

?This is not a book to help you ‘attract’ wealth, this is a book that supports all your work on ‘creating’ wealth.

There are so many resources telling you what to do to become wealthy, the book stores are full of them, and people keep writing them. Guess that is because they DON’T WORK, even though some are QUITE GOOD.

What is the real problem here?  The UNWEALTHY HABITS!

But I know, I know… Just being aware of a habit doesn’t stop them from happening right?  I mean, we keep doing them.  So I took on my scientific background and found what can be done to overcome those habits. You know, and we all know that doing the opposite doesn’t overcome it.  Just like overeating is not cured by starvation… the root problem is still there: cravings!

What is best about this book is that I also disclose how to change each habit.  Well for a habit to be CURED, it needs a VACCINE just like when you or your loved one gets sick. So I developed a system of vaccines to CURE THE UNWEALTHY HABITS. YOU will discover the secret insider techniques, my very special way of overcoming these unwealthy habits. Unwealthy habits we all have.

Do a pretest and ask you these key questions:

  1. Do you feel sorry for yourself?
  2. Do you make the absolute best of your money?
  3. Do you feel you often HAVE to do things, even those you dislike doing?
  4. Do you think money measures happiness?
  5. Do you spend more than you can?
  6. Do you prefer instant to future gratification?
  7. Do you complain often?
  8. Do you compare yourself with others?
  9. Do you use money to measure wealth?
  10. Do you like how you related to your family ?

These questions uncover unwealthy habits… you may not like what you see but
in order to CURE the UNWEALTHY HABITS in your life, a LIFE GIVING VACCINE is the only SURE WEALTH CURE.

Castillo discusses the key habits which perpetuate a lack of wealth. She tells the reader about the vaccines that we can use to eradicate these dirty habits from our lives. Castillo identifies the problem and then gives us the answers. This is powerful stuff, should we decide to actually apply these lessons. We know that our financial state, career and/or amount of debt that we carry are outside factors which can influence our self-esteem. It  helps mend any financial influencers which affect our self-esteem in a neat, clear way in language that we can use and understand.

- Elizabeth Johnson


I loved Alicia Castillo’s refreshing outlook on money and what wealth really means. It made me laugh to see myself in some of the bad habit lists. I was able to see what I was doing and my attitude from a different perspective. The first bad habit to go is “penny wise, pound foolish.” One of the more important points for me reminds us to be grateful, something a lot of people, including myself, lose track of. I find the 8 step plan to change unwealthy habits to be really helpful.

- Kathy


WOW–! This is powerful stuff! My life may never be the same again- Now that I am aware of these habits, I believe they can make a HUGE difference in my life! These guidelines may just be the key I have been looking for all my life. I am so much closer to happiness and wealth now that I have this information. IT MAKES SENSE!

- Kirsten

The Vaccines against these habits are here… See if you can match them!

1. Being grateful
2. Finding inner joy in the present
3. Choosing freely
4. Demanding the best of your time
5. Planning
6. Creating something
7. Being self-aware
8. Valuing joyful time
9. Accepting differences (not tolerance, see?)

The Ten Unwealthy Habits will surprise you and amaze you. You will finally know the real problems behind the fact that you are NOT WEALTHY.

It is more than just a simple mindset though…

Find out the real reason for your lack of wealth, you will be surprised the cure is closer than you think!

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